November 23, 2012

November 15, 2012

November 09, 2012

Magnetic Board

This magnetic board is perfect for someone who has a refrigerator that does not hold magnets. Its also just a cute photo frame holder, recipe holder or whatever you can think of. I just love having it in my home. I'm working on more now with different styles. Hope you liked it.

Have a super weekend!!

November 07, 2012

Happy Heart

Here is the plate I made for the holidays....It looks so pretty in my home... Hope you enjoy it and make yourself one for your home. It's also for sale in my etsy shop if you don't have time to make one. :)

Have a great week!

November 06, 2012

For your pretty face.....

This frame is made with glass rocks. Didn't realize how much work to make a frame like this...lol
May not be everyones taste, but my daughter wanted a frame like this and they were selling it for $60 and I thought well I could make it and she wouldn't have to pay that..lol
I can see why they sell for that...this was a lot of work....:)
Now I actually need to make one for my daughter with the bright colors she likes. 
Thanks for stopping by! 
I will be selling this in my etsy shop. :)