July 15, 2015

A Better You with Jen Hogge

I know this has nothing to do with crafting, but I wanted to share what I have been busy with lately. Ever since I was laid off over 5 years ago I decided to work from home. I have done that by starting my Simply Chic Design by jen business. The last 3 months I've been trying real hard to start another business that I do from home as well. I was struggling with my weight and couldn't seem to find anything that would work for me or that I could take that wouldn't mess me up and make me jittery. I can't have much caffeine so that was really hard to find in diet pills. I was introduced to this new product that has worked wonders for me and my husband. As of today I have lost 13 pounds and feel fantastic just by taking two pills twice a day. It is that easy!! I do walk everyday to get in some exercise for my health but really haven't changed my eating. I do eat less because these supplements curb my appetite so that is a blessing for me. I've only been taking them since the end of March 2015. There is so much more to these wonderful supplements that I would love to tell everyone about! My blood work was not good at all last year and after taking the supplements and had my blood work done a month ago it was fantastic as was my blood pressure. I have many friends and family members taking these supplements and they are noticing great results too! If you are interested in trying or just hearing more about them please email me or friend request me on facebook. My name on fb is Jennifer Renwall Hogge. So if there are any of you struggling like I did....I would say give them a try you really don't have much to lose but $25 for a 7.5 day trial pack.
The picture of me in the red is the newest. I was down 11 pounds in that one. The other pics lets not talk about how much I weighed..lol 
It was not a good weight for me. So what are you waiting for contact me now and change your life.